20,000 people,It’s really not much,But it is very few,That is to blink of it.。How many people in Hou Jing in Jiangnan?Still notify the South Charging?

this number,Just pressing the bottom line of Wang Lin。If the number is less,He and the major generals,Will be unable to accept this“quota”,Even if you barely agree,In the future, I will be dissatisfied.。
If the number is more……Gao Boyi and North Qi Dynasty,It is also very difficult to bear。Or,Temporary patience,But it is for the shortcomings of counter attack.。
This will cause a double loss situation。
Just Wang Lin is very curious,Why is Gao Bi who know so clearly about his bottom line??
“Matters,I can’t answer you now.。It is better to stay in Fuyang City in Xiangyang.,I disconnected my brethren below.,Do more?”
In fact, Wang Lin felt that he was very good.,Never have more requirements for this shining town Huainan。But now promise Gao Bo Yi,Will look hormible。
Digging more than two days,Let your mind calm down。
“in this way,Then I am in the two days in Xiangyang City.,Waiting for the brothers to reply,Wholly,No need to send。”
Gao Bao is a gift for Wang Lin.,Then Wang Linjia’s house is。
After he leaves,Wang Lin stands up,Round in the hall,A serious look。
“Northern Luoyang,For the war,I haven’t retired in the future.。As for how many brothers die in the sand field,Don’t worry about it。Well?,Ability,Nothing to knock on a drum,The drum is also good.,Lord is what?”
Gao Boyi’s condition card is very uncomfortable,I always feel that I have paid this.,But think about it,I can accept it,Not to say to face。
“If you look at the current situation,We must definitely lose money.。”
Wang Lin said in hand,Moderate Lu Na Don’t interruption。He then said:“I am just gambling,My brother,In the future……Do you understand??
High race orphan oligoma,Also worth going to toss?”
Wang Lin smiled and said。
Li Zuyu and Higher Piece,Don’t say Wang Lin’s Xiongxiong,Yang Wei and others,Will not take them more。Everyone is looking forward to,But it is“Replacement”when,You can accounted for a good location。
Who will rarely host the high-tech? What is the benefit?。
“Our army is good at water,In the future, if it is attacking Chen Guo,Great useful,If this is not this,Huainan is not as good as。”
Wang Lin’s flag,Indeed, Liang Yuanmine“Last loyal minister”。So he can’t be against Chen Guozhen and,It is also impossible to comply with Zhou Guo.。
But in the future, the world is a general trend.,So,He can also“Comply with time”,No, insist that now,It is also worth it.。Xiao Xiao, Xia Zhuang,Are you in Xiangyang City?。
Gao Bo Yi is playing as a planning,In fact, Wang Lin is also playing as a planned。
“Master’s words,If it is a high-albered person,It’s not a way so。I am afraid I am afraid.……”
Lu Nat said half,I don’t know how to say it.。
And it is hoping to be hoped in others.,It’s better to do more preparations.。only,When you are“prepare”when,Instead, it will destroy mutual trust。
So how to grasp this“Spend”,In fact, it is very important,Not ordinary people to play。
really,Wang Lin shakes his head:“Don’t do anything else,Listen to,Obliterate。Gao Baoyi wants to weaken us by Zhou Guo’s hand,It will definitely reveal the fox tail。
By the time,We keep strength。”
Wang Lin is not a fool,The army is not fake in the north.,However, Fuyang is still in his hands.,Even if I move the town Huainan,If not he ordered,Qi Jun can’t easily get Fuyang City。