“no,These are all in your kitchen,Some ingredients are badly broken.,I am afraid that it is a waste.。”

Rui Rui, these should be bought by Qiushan Yadi,So the arms said the sleeve:“I haven’t eaten my dinner for a long time.,I have to solve myself today.!”
“Little sharp,Unload your camouflage,The little man is indeed a trust of the value,And organizations hope that you can help to teach a little male,I will also have a good committee in the future.。”Shen Qiuxia said,
“sister,Do you apply to your organization??”If it is not an agreement,Shen Qiuxia will never do this,It seems that the organization also knows the doctor is a very trustic comrade.。
“I am guaranteed to the organization.,After organizing research, I agree to let you take a little male.,I hope you can cultivate her actions like the embroidery knife.。”Shen Qiuxia said,
Rui Rui looked at Li Xiaoyu,Laugh:“Ha ha,Row!Then this girl is not to enjoy.。”
“It really is,It is fortunate that the head of the seedlings comrades will say that the little man is lucky.。”Shen Qiuxia said,
“I went to make up。”
Li Xiaoyu went to Shen Qixia and asked before:“sister,Who is he??Organization also let him take me,Is he very powerful??”
“superb,Fuchun Building is that he is carrying people.,Xia Ji Cheng and the Yuanzhou family are what he wants to send it to Shanghai.,There are two two Soviet comrades who have no way to send them to Shanghai is also he sent.。”
“It’s what he did.!Really!”Li Xiaon is amazed,
“So you must follow him well in the future.,Remember,His things are not allowed to tell anyone,I got to know a green gang.,You can follow a small boss to follow a small boss.。”Shen Qiuxia said,
Unloading makeup,Li Xiaonan saw his appearance exclaimed:“It turned out to be you.!”
Seeing Li Xiaoyu shocked and accidentally,Shen Qiuxia asked:“You have seen you?”
“He helped me in Bailemen a few months.!Take me with me a few days ago.。”Li Xiaoyan said that he is harm:“Who is the pretty woman who follows you??”
“Her name is Qiushan Yadi,It is the captain of the gendarmerie of the Scholand Commander.,However, in the Fuchun Building incident, he was killed by the gods of the jellyfish.。”Ritual,
“God,Is it very powerful??”
“It is the kind of power that is free。”
Shen Qi Xia listened to the laugh:“Small man,Every day, the two people who protect you are also harvested.。”
“It turns out that you have long knowing who I am.?”Do you want Shen Qiuxia?,Li Xiaonong wants to ask these two people.,Now I finally know that this is actually the super powerful comrade.。
“You are too uncomfortable.,Would you like me how to send two people to look at you?!”
“thank you!”Li Xiaonan said it was completely clipped with a fish meat.,
“Come,Let’s eat!”Shen Qiuxia gave Qi Rui and Li Xiao male,
“I also didn’t eat it for a few days.。”Li Xiaoyu is usually a person,Many times, I will just eat something.,This table of rice, she has never seen it for a long time.。
Finish meal,Shen Qiuxia did not hit,Tell her about the work you are responsible.,Then the road:“Now you don’t allow contact with any comrades,Is there anything that is rumored to inform you?。”
“That is, is it my superior??”Li Xiaoman asked,
“He is just your teacher,What do you have to listen to his arrangement?。”
“Qi teacher,What tasks have you give me although give me?,I promise to finish!”
“Your task is to do an actor,Continue to keep the brilliant smile。”Ritual,
“Then we will meet in the future.?”Li Xiaoman asked,
“I will always go to Bailemen during this time.,At that time, we know it well.。”Ritual,
“You are a green boss,I am a three-run actor,Then I put it down, is you??”After all, Li Xiaoyu is an actor such a script. She still has seen a lot.。
“The script is casually.,I only be responsible for cooperation,Anyway, you are a beauty,I am hooligan,If you don’t,I will come hard.!In short, regardless of how the story is developed,You have to live in this small building for a while.,Until your strength makes me satisfied。”Ritual,
“Is it necessary??”Li Xiaoman asked,
“Small man,Your action is poor,I have to practice well.,This is an organization’s order。”Shen Qiuxia,
“Ok,I accept。”
night,Rui Rui sent Li Xiao male home,Ask:“Small male,If you live, it seems that it is not safe.。”
“Already very good,I want to know that the rent is particularly expensive.。”
“Is your money to pay enough??”