This divine power can only use the fusion divine power equivalent to the ordinary upper divine power,Or use the supernatural power of the earth,If you let the upper earth divine power and the flame middle divine power merge with each other,That power has decreased。

Superpower alone,cāo)Metal controlled life flight is still relatively slow,Even slower than going from the Dark God Plane to the Yanyu Continent。Wright and Rong God take turnscāo)Metal life,It is estimated that it will take ten years to arrive。
suddenly,Wright sighed。
“Brother Lieshan,what happened?”Rong God is turning,But I heard Wright’s sigh。
“Hey,I wanted to stay in the city for a while,Not going out for a short timedàng)Up。Anyway, with my strength,No one will come to me for no reason。”
“But I didn’t expect,I want to be clean for thousands of years,But something found me。”
“?”Rong Shen smiled honestly:“Not so much,With your strength,Besides, you are still in the city,If you don’t want,No one can force you。。。”
“Someone just made a deal with me。”
“Since you are willing to trade with him,That means you have benefits!”You can’t fool me with a look of Rong Shen。
“no way,Too confused。He gave me something,It can increase my strength by several percent in a hundred years。”Wright looked unlovable:“But he wants me and him to go to the battlefield。”
“Battlefield?”Rong Shen was a little surprised:“The fortress who is also a dark god,Or someone like hell leader?”
“Purple Blood Demon,Ever heard of!”
Shen Rong was silent for a while:“This person I have dealt with,When my lord was still there,I once joined forces with another messenger of the Lord God to fight him。”