She felt a little trembling in her calf,Want to sit down,Can’t save face,So angry。Yin and Yang Weird Airway:“If Mr. Li doesn’t understand anything, you can ask me directly。”

Li Tianchou woke up like a dream,“Oh,thisHRleadership,I’m sorry,Really don’t understand。”
HRComrade sneered,You can’t know a few words even if you are a country boy,“Ha ha,Just ask if you didn’t understand,I won’t waste everyone’s time here。”
“Remember next time。”Li Tianchou nodded quickly,A humble look,And take a little bit of fear,“This one,leadership,Look at the first‘according to《Labor Law》,Based on the principle of mutual consent’,I have not studied《Labor Law》Yeah,Don’t understand,Look at this……”
Middle-aged woman face black,Almost backed away,This is purely to find fault,Do I have to explain to you《Labor Law》What?God horse stuff,A redneck dare to entertain people like this,Can you join the company in the future??I don’t seem to fix you,You don’t know how old mother。
She held back her anger,Squeezed out a smile,“This is easy,I turned around to get a copy《Labor Law》,You just squat here to study,When did you learn,When to start。correct,company regulation,New employees who have been employed for less than one year cannot leave their jobs to learn,So how to balance time,You figure it out。”mock up,Playing tricks in front of my old lady,See if I can kill you。
Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou nodded readily and agreed,No hesitation,This will giveHRComrades are surprised。But Li Tianchou’s next problem almost made her vomit blood,“The company regulations you just mentioned,Do I have to comply with external labor services like me??”
HRA bit crazy,I didn’t expect this mud-legged man to know that there is a difference between external labor and regular employees.,This question is really hard to answer,She hesitated,Face flushed suddenly,Wicked way:“No matter what,As long as you work in the company to get money, you must abide by discipline and regulations。”
Li Tianchou nodded in fear again,Then install,“Look here,I don’t understand the word。”HRHave lost patience and demeanor,Angrily grabbed the paper in Li Tianchou’s hand,Take a look at where he pointed,Suddenly dumbfounded,There was a typo!How did this damn assistant print and proofread?Oh shit,I have to take care of you。
But now I have to explain to this muddy leg who deliberately finds fault,She would never pull her face down to admit her mistake,When I was searching for words,Hua Yun suddenly appeared in the reception area。
Li Tianchou’s arrival at the company,The uproar that has already been heard at the front desk,Hua Yun has been notified by the secretary,I just waited for a long time and haven’t seen anyone,Can’t help it very strange,Li Tianchou hasn’t signed the agreement for such a long time,Is it because he thinks something is wrong??
Simply not waiting,come and see,Hua Yun’s arrival makes the front deskMMFlower faint,I can’t figure out where the drunk mud legs are when I break my head,Even let the president come out to meet him in person,This is a treatment that even the company’s executives have not enjoyed。Hua Yun motioned to her to keep quiet,I stood quietly behind the front screen,Li Tianchou’s pretending to be silly makes her tolerate,untilHRWomen can’t get off the stage,She just showed her figure。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six Accidental Death